Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I Can't Hear A Word You Are Saying


Our children, family, employees, customers, vendors, neighbors, (and the list could on and on) are not necessarily awestruck by what we say, BUT they are struck by what we do and how we act.

How aligned are our actions with our rhetoric?

Some time ago, I was talking with a Family Business owner whose business was struggling to survive. She stated she was also struggling to find, hire, and retain “good help”. In the course of our conversation, she stated employees who had a strong work ethic, were honest, and willing to put in a “full day” just did not exist anymore. She continued to talk of her struggles and related a story of a customer. 

This particular customer told this businesswoman they did not receive certain product they had paid for. This Family Business leader stated she knew the product was delivered as she personally delivered the product. So rather than discuss the issue with the customer she advised her delivery staff to “pad” the bill each time they delivered product to that particular customer.

I then proceeded to ask her what she would do if she caught one of her employees, or children, “padding” their Timecard because they felt they were not being paid appropriately?

As leaders in our families and in our businesses are, we modeling the behaviors that match our stated values?

Are we showing / modeling respect?

Are we showing / modeling honesty?

Are we showing / modeling credibility?

Are we showing / modeling commitment?

Are we showing / modeling our stated core values?

Are your actions speaking so loud people cannot hear a word our saying?

 What examples can you provide?

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

Roy E. Disney