Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Can a Business Exit Plan Make You Happy?

With Emrich M. Stellar Jr., ChFC, CLU, CBEC
Stellar Advisor

Owning and running a successful privately-held business is a constant challenge that is full of obstacles and opportunities. It is pretty well understood that putting your business (and personal) plan down in writing tends to increase the chances of achieving them. However, what is less often discussed is how you might feel when you apply a high level of discipline to planning the future. If, in fact, you value the freedom and financial benefits of owning a privately-held business, then it is also likely that you place a high emphasis on not only what the business can provide to you but how you feel about the business and its future.

By thinking ahead Business Owners and Business Families can make a significant impact for their heirs. Families need leadership and creativity through a facilitated conversation about multigenerational planning to learn their options for business and family governance.

We have all seen the decisions that can create a “Family Story” or a “Family Secret”. Achieving security, harmony, and a great “Family Story” is a major goal for the hard work that needs to be done.

With all the various attributes of what may or may not make a business owner happy, where does disciplined planning fit in?

Emrich M. Stellar Jr., ChFC, CLU, CBEC: Since 1989 Emrich has been practicing the “Serve
First” philosophy of seeking to understand before seeking to be understood. Emrich and his team provide leadership and creativity in the areas of Business, Estate, Wealth Management, and Charitable Planning. His commitment to client objectives starts with understanding the aspirations his clients have for their families and businesses. He assesses and maximizes clients’ unique abilities to help solve those “3 AM Questions” thereby enabling them to add real value to the process.

Credentials and Experience are important, but Emrich often refers the old adage, “You won’t care how much I know until you know how much I care.” This is why he sees his career as a “calling.”

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ghosts and Secrets in the Family Business

With Gerard J. Donnellan, PhD
Big Leap Family Business Advisors

"Each family has its own colorful and compelling history. Buried deep in that history, many times, are family secrets, the "ghosts of the past". These ghosts, be they the long-shadow of the founder, lost, disinherited or forgotten members of the family or long-decayed family values and culture, have unseen and powerful effects on the family system. These spirits take many forms and guises, but they all share one common element: they hold power and sway over otherwise mostly normal people."

"These "hauntings" make themselves present in un-ending family conflict, lost riches and the decline of the family business."

Gerard J. Donnellan, PhD, is an organizational consulting psychologist and family business advisor. He is trained as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst.

Gerry works with owners of closely-held businesses and senior level leaders on issues such as succession planning, development of senior management, and family business issues. He provides executive coaching and assessment for professional development. He is an adjunct Professor at Boston College, where he teaches Organizational Behavior. He developed and introduced the first family business course in the MBA at Brandeis University International Business School. He has held university faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and the City University of New York.  He holds the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising by the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and is a Fellow of FFI. He is a frequent presenter at FFI conferences.

He is the founder of Big Leap, a company which utilizes innovative techniques for organization development in family businesses, public companies and non-profits.

His widely acclaimed book, Who Will Drive the Bus? Guidance for Developing Leaders in the Family Enterprise (on Amazon), is used by families and their businesses worldwide.

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