Saturday, April 21, 2012

Business Family Values

Every Family has a set of Values. The Values may not be explicitly articulated, but they are present.
We may not always agree that those Values are good or bad, positive or negative, but each family has a set of Values.
In my work with Business Families it is very rewarding to nurture the dialogue as the Family struggles to articulate their Family Values. It is my belief the hard work of articulating the Family Values, specifically developing the non-negotiable Values for their Family, pays huge dividends the Family and the Business.
Roy Disney once said: “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”
I believe Family Values, articulated or not, are the glue that will carry a Business Family through tough times or be the wedge that will divide.
How has your Business and Family been strengthened by understanding your Family Values?
I would love to hear from you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Collaborative Partnership Formed to Better Serve Business Families

Family businesses are the very fabric of global economies and their success is vital to any economic recovery. In the turmoil of today’s economic environment The Network of Family Businesses and Family Business United are collaborating to provide global, on-line business networks for families in business.

Family leaders frequently feel isolated as they face the issues of transferring the business to the next generation, building family unity, and growing the business. However, family business leaders are learning they need not walk this journey alone.

In an effort to support these Family Business leaders, Paul Andrews, President and Founder of Family Business United and myself state now there are collaborative platforms to nurture on-line dialogue, facilitate learning, educational resources and global networking.

Our websites and provide collaboration and a forum for dialoging with other families in business as well as confidential on-line forums to discuss critical questions families in business face.

This is an exciting step in continuing to provide a growing network of business families access to educational resources as they strive to build their family legacy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Join Jacqueline Shulman, Partner - Labor Relations & Employment Law Department of Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP to learn and discuss how recent Employment Law changes may impact the Family Business. The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, April 19th, at 09:00 AM EST.

Jackie states many family business owners believe their "close-knit" Family approach provides them with protections not enjoyed by the typical private employer. This wrongly held belief could be costly on two fronts. Aside from poor morale, it could lead to legal fees being expended for failure to comply with specific laws (especially discrimination lawsuits).

Several of the topics Business Families need to be aware of will be covered in this seminar. There have been some confusing Media and Press reports regarding children of business owners working in the business and what their compensation may or may not be. How should the Family Business manage a Family Member who is not performing as expected? Three individuals have been “appointed” to the Labor Board; what implications will that have for Business Families?

Social Media is exploding; what should a Family’s Social Media Policy consist of?

Does every Family Business need a handbook and what should or should not be in that Handbook?

Don’t miss this critical and timely topic.

Registration to join The Network of Family Businesses and be eligible for the On-Line Educational Seminar is available at: