Thursday, July 24, 2014

Formalize The Love

Formalize The Love
Join us to learn how Love in a Family Business Can Be Formalized
You have likely heard poet Robert Frost’s proverb, “Good fences make good neighbors” from his 1914 poem, Mending Wall. When it comes to family business, Tom Hubler believes that “formal structure supports family love.”

Family members in business generally love and care about each other. They try to do what’s best for their company and avoid fights. Especially in start-up companies, each working family member operates more independently with little official structure or formal communication. This creates communication voids. Individuals make assumptions without a shared understanding. Small differences fester unresolved until they became painful and unmanageable.

Tom states a family business needs three types of meetings to formalize expectations for the company: Family Meetings, Business Meetings, and Shareholder and Board Meetings.

Large or small, complex or simple, start-up or generational, business families enjoy life, family, relationships and business much more when they take the time to formalize
the love.

In 1980, when Tom began his career as a family business consultant, he was one of the few
professionals addressing family-owned business needs in the United States. Since then, he has played a major role in shaping the family business consultant field, from helping colleges establish family business institutes to working directly as family business consultant for hundreds of clients.

Today, Tom continues his long-standing dedication to helping families of wealth and family-owned businesses succeed. He helps families develop a shared vision for the family and for the business; identify individual talents; tackle any unspoken issues; and create individual and organizational strategies to ensure a personally and financially rewarding business. In addition, Tom assists families of wealth with the creation of a wealth preparation plan that ensures family values continue to emphasize a family culture of gratitude, philanthropy and purposeful living.

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