Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The Guru and Father of management, Peter Drucker defined eight characteristics for effectiveness:
         - Asking “what needs to be done?”
         - Asking “what is best for this organization?”
         - Develop Action Plans
         - Take responsibility for actions and decisions
         - Take responsibility for communicating to all stakeholders
         - Focus on opportunities rather than problems
         - Run productive meetings
         - Think and act in the “WE” rather than the “I”

How are you doing on this scale of effectiveness?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Elegantly Delivering Your Family & Business Story with Video

Legacy Videos of Family Businesses Can Touch Future Audiences

Join world-renowned videographers and storytellers Pam Pacelli Cooper and Rob Cooper of Verissima Productions for a webinar to understand what you need to know in order to create a video legacy for your family business.

For over ten years Pam and Rob have been documenting significant historical events, promoting the goals of organizations and companies, and preserving the stories of individuals, beloved places, families and family businesses…creating a correspondence with the future.

Whether you want to tell the story of a person, a family member or your family business, before you "cross the street" to start creating your project:
Stop to determine your audience and your goals for them.
Look to identify the right locations and scenes.
Listen to make sure all fully grasp, not only the content of the story, but the nuance, details and context that will give it life and meaning.

Read May’s White Paper, A Life Flashing BeforeYour Eyes and join The Network of Family Businesses for a virtual educational Webinar on Wednesday, May 22nd  2013 at 11:00 AM EST, with Pam and Rob.

Pam Pacelli Cooper, President, has thirty years experience as a family therapist and oral historian. Growing up with elders born between 1869 and 1925, she learned the power of stories to teach, sustain, and inform the future. Her life and work experience have combined to make her an avid researcher and highly skilled interviewer and storyteller.

Rob Cooper, Creative Director, has thirty years experience as a
 writer / producer / videographer / editor – for PBS and major market television stations, historical documentaries, and corporate communications. He has developed the production skills and professional resources to ensure that your story will be told with elegance.

Registration to join The Network of Family Businesses and be eligible for the On-Line Educational Seminar is available at: http://www.netfamilybusiness.com

For additional information email: steve@netfamilybusiness.com