Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For Immediate Release: November 2013 The Network of Family Businesses Expands


The Initiative For Family Business & Entrepreneurship
St. Joseph’s University
Joins The Network of Family Businesses

The Network of Family Businesses is pleased to announce that the Initiative For Family Business & Entrepreneurship of St. Joseph’s University has joined The Network.
  Mike McGrann, Executive Director of the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship stated their goal is to provide family business owners, entrepreneurs and the University students the tools necessary to increase long-term competitiveness, ownership prosperity and family unity for generations to come. This will be accomplished through a combination of world-class education, unique experiential learning programs, an innovative curriculum, and applied research. Family-owned businesses are fundamentally important to the U.S. and regional economy and comprise the backbone of our economy, strengthening entrepreneurial families has a great impact on the community.

The Network of Family of Businesses, an exclusive online network that connects families who want to stay on top of trends while building their family legacies. The online organization,, was developed to meet the businesses owners’ limited time and schedule to get away from the office and attend seminars. An online meeting place also cuts down on the increasing cost of travel.
President of The Network of Family Businesses, Steven K. Moyer, stated this is an exciting step in continuing to provide a growing network of families in business access to educational resources as they strive to build their family legacy.

The Initiative For Family Business & Entrepreneurship joins The High Center Elizabethtown College, The New York Family Business Center at The Madden School of Business at LeMoyne, and The Family Business Forum Wilkes University in a growing network with The Network of Family Businesses.

For more information, or to discuss how The Network of Family Businesses may be able to serve your organization, The Network can be reached at or 215-256-5997.