Monday, June 1, 2015

Guiding A Family Business Through Change

With Kiki McShane & Chris Fucci

Regardless of the business you are in, or the transitions you experience, there are three key building blocks to creating optimum solutions to move forward, navigate change and lead with an eye toward long term success; Purpose, Vision and Mission. These foundation building blocks serve different roles AND are interdependent. Purpose, Vision and Mission are instrumental in developing a creative, caring and committed culture vital to effective leadership and business success.

As a business grows and moves through its life cycle, there is the risk that the corporate culture may lose its understanding of Purpose and that the understanding of the founder’s intention for starting the business may become blurred.

Purpose Vision and Mission are vital to forming and leading a culture that is creative, committed and caring.

Kiki McShane: Kiki is the President/Managing Director FarVision.
As part of the FarVision team, Kiki works with leaders of Entrepreneurial companies, helps design core business teams, facilitates the effective use of creative conflict and increases an organization’s capacity for healthy, planned growth. Kiki began her career in business consulting and organizational development with the Adizes Institute in Santa Monica, CA. She then co-founded her own firm, Corporate Transitions, Inc. in Miami, FL. where she worked with numerous internationally renowned companies and several YPO chapters, facilitating their strategic planning retreats. Kiki received a BA cum laude, from Boston College in Spanish and Secondary Education and her MA from Texas A&M University, in Education/Psychology.

Chris Fucci: Vice President FarVision.
Mr. Fucci began his professional career in his family’s real estate development company in 1974 as an entry-level associate and reached the position of president and majority shareholder in the mid-1980s. Over the next 20 years he successfully reorganized the family owned companies and sold them in 2000. Chris is currently the President of Chris Fucci Associates. Chris has consulted with a number of independent and family owned businesses, structured mergers and acquisitions and led successful financial restructuring and business sales. He is currently on the Assembly of Overseers for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and a member of the Castleton College Gridiron Club. Chris received his BA cum laude from Boston College in Political Science.

Join The Network of Family Businesses for this Webinar on Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, with Kiki and Chris.

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