Monday, July 26, 2010

The Network of Family Businesses Blog

This Blog is an exciting next step of growth for The Network of Family Businesses and will push me out of my comfort zone as I work to contribute challenging, educational, and thought provoking posts.

Since this is my first contribution to this Blog, allow me to provide a brief (very brief) overview of my involvement with Family Owned Businesses. I will not rewrite my resume, that can be viewed on the home page for The NOFB, but rather a step back from that.

When I was growing up, my Grandfather had several businesses, none of which continue today and none of which anyone in the family chose as a career. However, I still recall fondly the times I had the privilege of working with and for my Grandfather (and the harassment I received from employees as the grandson of the owner). To this day I recall the integrity with which he conducted business and the respect his employees and customers had for him. That was a lesson and a legacy I hope to be able to nurture in other Business Families.

My Father made a concerted effort and choice to have a small business that would allow for he and his family to work together. That included my Mother, my twin brothers, and myself. Not that we did not have those occasions when there were arguments, fights, and disagreements, but what a blessing it was, and the flexibility we had as a family allowed for numerous family excursions. There came a point in time when neither my brothers, nor I had an interest in Dad's business. He subsequently sold the business and we all moved on. But there were many lessons learned about life, business, and family that are still relevant today and Families in Business must deal with.

Since that time, my career and passion has been working in and with Family Businesses.
It is my hope and goal that as we continue to grow this Blog and discuss the joys, issues, heartaches, triumphs, and victories of Families in Business, we will provide support, education, and resources for Families as they build their Family Legacies.

I look forward to feedback, comments, and guest bloggers on this exciting journey.
Welcome aboard.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July White Paper and Seminar

The Network of Family Businesses is pleased to announce the posting of a White Paper from Ayman El Tarabishy Executive Director of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) in the dialogue forum at Dr. Tarabishy paper begins this month's forum to discuss how to Keep the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive. The live on-line educational seminar led by Dr. Tarabishy will follow the threaded dialogue and take place on
July 15, 2010.