Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Story of a Family Business CEO Transitioning:

Philip A. Clemens, Chairman and CEO of the Clemens Family Corporation

As the Clemens Family Corporation moves into the seventh generation of ownership, the family has a goal of continuing to build the family legacy that started in 1895 by John C. Clemens. Phil Clemens stated the key to their owners’ satisfaction is the functioning and nurturing of what they call their “Trust Triangle.” This ‘Trust Triangle’ is comprised of the Owner’s Advisory Council, the Independent Board of Directors, and the Management team operating their businesses. Clemens stated the unique relationship of these three groups is built on Core Values the Clemens family has adopted for the family and the business. The Core Values of Integrity - doing what I say I will do; Ethics - doing the right thing; and Stewardship - building a foundation for the future.

What are the hidden issues in developing the next generation for leadership?

How do you choose a successor when the family has over 500 members?

How do we keep the family & the business intact through the transition?

Phil has spent his entire working career with the family business. He began working in the legacy business, Hatfield Quality Meats, on a part time basis while going to school. He began his full-time
career in 1967 while attending Peirce College. His career has allowed him to work in all areas of the business. He began on the clean-up crew and worked his way to be the CEO of the Company. He began both the Data Processing and Human Resource Departments. He spent 20 years of his career in Human Resources and 7 years as CEO and President of the legacy business. The Corporation has annual sales of $750 million, employs about 2,200 people, and markets products all over the US with a concentration in the northeast part of the US.

Active in his community and other organizations, Phil serves on many non-profit boards and on the boards of several family owned businesses.

Phil is a national and international speaker on family business issue and has a passion to teach leadership skills to next generations.

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