Thursday, May 10, 2012

Raising Successors to be Adults and Peers - A Family Business Dynamic

As a parent we want to do the right things correctly.
As leaders of the family business we usually want to build the family legacy and have the business thrive for generations.

In a recent Webinar, Dr. Steve Treat itemized what he believes are the three highest corollaries’ for the successful transition of a family business.
1.     Family Meetings that not only discuss the business but the family.
2.     A family business leader that steps down and turns the business over to his/her successor in a timely fashion.
3.     Peerage.

In the webinar Steve outlined very specific steps for parents (steps that apply to children of any age) to build relationships and relate to their children as peers.
            The goal of Peerage and Adulthood:
                        - Building an identity of their own
                        - Having accomplishments of their own
                        - Learning how to think on one’s own
                        - Asserting oneself respectfully
                        - A clear understanding of roles
                        - No sense of entitlement
The many ideas for the basic of growth parents included: to learn to be friends with our adult children, learn how to build a peer relationship with them, learn how to build mutuality, have boundaries, and build integrity. Steve states there is every reason to believe the family and the business will thrive.

This is a must see webinar for any parent.
It is an absolute must see for Business Families striving to build their family legacy.

The webinar is available in archives of The Network of Family Businesses.

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  1. I am happy to be here. I am writing a book titled 'The kings Dirge'.The book is all about succession planning I find some of the materials here useful how may i refer to them. I have limited internet in my village here in Africa.